The latest in our series of video tips is about being a teacher. What's important to you as a teacher? How do your students see you?

See what Christine and her students say and leave your comments below.



The most important thing is that being an ideal person, I mean you must be module for your learners and then students find something in you, may be they try to be like you, and here begins everthing. In order to achieve this level, you should be flexible, active, to be friend, to be brother. Generally be closest person to them in their life.

 Great thanks for this video! I was very worried because I can´t learn all my student`s names which I believe is a matter of the utemost importance. Besides, it reminded me about how important is to set the classroom rules and goals from the very beggining. I´ll use Christinas tips...Thanks again! 

hifro me ,i like it very much ,i try to do the samethere are some important thingsthanks alot

A really nice video. It's always a good idea to get feedback from the students. We need to remind ourselves that being a teacher is not only a job but also a vocation. I'll quote something that I once read in a magazine :In every school, to every studentthere’s a special teacher. To every teacher,to every studentthere’s a special bond. There’s a special timewhen we go back and say to ourselves“That teacherreally cared!”Keep up the good work!

Hello, sorry but I think this is just old stuff we all already know! yes, the names and being interested in students and all the soppy story of the mother or sister...ouch!I have the impression you are always working with Far Est students, who are always so meek and willing to learn... Why don't you give advice on how to "win" over students who are obliged to study English but really don't want to? I mean, the "really difficult" classroom...Or on how to manage 120 12-year-old students in 6 classrooms (3 hours a week on each course...what do you do then?) That would be interesting!Kind regards

I decided to use this video in class and talk to my students about what means tos be a "good teacher" in their opinion. Much probably I won't enjoy some answers...But I hope I can learn with them!

I am very happy to see the comments of the teacher and the students. I have been practicing all the things what ever has been told in here for the past 10 years. Believe me it is just great and feels great. Thanks for posting the video.

It was interesting to compare students and their teacher's responses. Christine is definitely a good teacher. She gives useful tips on how to deliver a lesson, how to behave and how to make your students learn. She knows her students and their qualities well. She sets real goals. She treats her students with respect. They love Christine, she isn't just a teacher for them, she is like a mother or an elder sister.
Thank you for this video. It's rather instructive.


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