The latest in our series of video tips is about being a teacher. What's important to you as a teacher? How do your students see you?

See what Christine and her students say and leave your comments below.



Good job, christine. I'll remember the tips about the names of the students.

Congratulations Christina, you are really inspiring: teaching is more than just delivering a lesson as you´s really caring about  people, treating them with respect. Thanks.

This video seems to be only 43 seconds long? But all the other comments would suggest it's much longer than that? Am i missing something?

good work! this is co-operation with students and a job well done!

I really like the tip on remembering names.  I am absolutely awful at this!Thanks Christine, great video!

It's very important for teacher to be loved by his students. He should seek to know his students' names, feachers, hobbies, abilities ect. But there is something that I notice here, that chrestine's students call her with just her name. They don't say miss or anything like that, Is it ok?
In the meddile east region, It is not acceptable to call your teacher with his or her name.
What do you think about that?


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