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Becoming a Better Teacher: Exploring Professional Development

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Grow your skills as a teacher and learn more about professional development for teachers. 

About this course

Keeping up professional development as a teacher can be hard to fit into a busy timetable. It doesn’t need to be. This online course, broken into simple steps, will help you develop your reflective skills and improve your practice in the classroom.

Join a community of others working in education, share your experiences and grow as a teacher. This is professional development designed to help you respond to your needs and is accessible to everyone whatever level of resource is available in their setting.

During the course, you will:

  • Reflect on your own beliefs about teaching, learning and professional development
  • Explore the characteristics of successful professional development
  • Apply a range of tools, activities and strategies to reflect on and improve learning and teaching
  • Identify aspects of your professional practice to develop
  • Collaborate with and learn from peers by engaging with communities of practice
  • Develop your own iterative professional development plan

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