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Badge builders for Teens

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Motivate your teenage learners with our badge builders. Encourage them to earn skills and behaviour badges with our four stylish designs. 

Recognise your students' achievements.

Once your students have chosen their blank badge builder from one of our four great designs, you can award them with ‘badges’ for good work in different categories at the end of a class or activity.

Encourage them to be more reflective learners and develop their writing skills.

Below each badge is a space for the student to write a short sentence to explain what the badge was awarded for.

The different badge categories are:

  • Speaking English
  • Good writing
  • Good reading
  • Good listening
  • Good grammar
  • Good vocabulary
  • I did my homework
  • I listened to the teacher
  • I arrived on time
  • I worked well with my classmates
  • Good behaviour