Our latest tip looks at several of the important issues surrounding testing and assessment. Listen to Clare and Alister discuss their ideas and opinions about how best to assess learners of English. After watching the video, why not give your opinion in the comments box below, or write a blogpost on the site?



How close are the test items of the practice test to those of the actual test? And does it matter? What's a typical time frame between the practice test and the actual test?

Thank you Paul for this link. I think that assessing students withought letting them explicitely know is a good idea. However, one of my best students failed on important exam. Even though he did not feel nervous, he probably way and his performance was strongly influenced. I think he might need a bit of mock pressure as well. What do you think?

Thanks so much for the video , this discussion enhances the debate about
how good is assessment to the learning process ,and i mean the formative assessment, forinstance , we have pupils who perform very well during the
learning sessions but they fail when they' re tested, and what matters most
is the psychological impact of failures upon the pupils.

Thanks a lot for this videos. I guess this is quite informative about the nature of assessment. I may refer to this topic n one of my soon-coming posts.

That's nice dialogue about assessment.how do we get justice assessment for kids to test real what they have learnt?I have been confused a long time.Because I asked myself:If let me go to take part in china's GaoKao english test.how many grades can I get?I am afraid very low.But all children in china so far have to study for the exams only,because the assessment here 99 percent focus on the scores at exams.

I personally find testing unfair and rough speacialy with young and new learners. As far as the target is learning a new language ,so why puting the learners in that situation ?!!!Most of the time,I find myself obliged to do it even though i know my pupils marks will never reflect what they are practising in class .In my school system , pupils must be tested on sheets.The kids hate that . they get panicked and may fail .They get frustrated and may lose the motivation to learn a new language they had before .That's why I don't like testing them,but still I have to do .Cynical situation,isn't it

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