Applying approaches to Special Educational Needs is a moderated (tutored) online course designed and delivered by the British Council.


As classroom teachers, it is becoming more and more important to have a greater understanding of inclusive practices and develop strategies for our day-to-day classroom practice. Applying approaches to Special Educational Needs (SEN) is a 12-week moderated course which covers a wide range of learner needs that will help you immediately use inclusive practices with all your groups. 

Language level needed: CEFR B1

Time: 36 hours/12 weeks

Start dates: 26/09/18 OR 10/10/18

Price: £250.00 (prices are in British pounds)


Each module is designed to provide three hours of input

  • Module 1: Getting started
  • Module 2: Understanding SEN
  • Module 3: Engaging with SEN - dyslexia
  • Module 4: Engaging with SEN - attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • Module 5: Engaging with SEN - dyspraxia
  • Module 6: Engaging with SEN - visual, hearing and physical impairment
  • Module 7: Engaging with SEN - gifted and talented learners
  • Module 8: Engaging with SEN - inclusive assessment approaches
  • Module 9: Engaging with SEN - autism spectrum disorder
  • Module 10: Engaging with SEN - social, emotional and behavioural difficulties
  • Module 11: Engaging with SEN - speech and language
  • Module 12: Engaging with SEN - multicultural influences

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More about our moderated online teacher development courses

Online learning content

  • Video, audio and text input - and a variety of tasks that help teachers develop essential knowledge and skills
  • 12 modules, containing core learning content
  • Each module consists of 3 x 1 hour units

Moderated discussion forums

  • Online discussions with tutors and other participants, applying the ideas explored within the course to your situation
  • 1 new moderated discussion forum each week


  • Optional live online sessions that enable you to meet and speak to other participants, discuss and reflect upon learning from the course.

Application and reflection

  • Scheduled period in which participants experiment and apply learning within own practice - with optional support from online tutor.
  • Classroom-based assignments
  • Put new ideas from the course into practice
  • Reflect upon experimentation and get feedback from a British Council online tutor


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