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Adam Simpson - Engaging GenerationY with technology

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Watch a recording of this engaging webinar with Adam Simpson.

About the talk

English teachers working with young learners recognize that such learners think and behave differently than those from previous generations. Welcome to Generation Y! These students were born into a world of information technology; they regularly multitask… and they trust the ideas of peers and web videos more than their teachers. Generation Y is significant: it constitutes 20 percent of the world’s population. As Gen-Y occupies the young end of the population demographic, we can assume many second language learners belong to this group; it demands our attention and understanding.

Contemporary research on Gen-Y originated in developed nations, although examination is increasing throughout the world. Whereas Gen-Y has received much attention in the academic literature of many fields, this is not yet the case in ELT research. This lack of consideration is regrettable, as most Gen-Y'ers are currently English language learners. Adam's workshop addresses this shortcoming by explaining the nature of Gen-Y, while presenting teaching strategies aimed at engaging such learners.

About the speaker

Adam has been fortunate enough to spend the last twelve years of his journey as a life long learner working with others in what some call the ‘language classroom’. He is currently privileged to have the opportunity to help young adults meet their educational goals at Sabanci University in Istanbul. His professional interests include flexibility within the curriculum and the considered use of technology in the classroom.

Watch a recording of the webinar below

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