This lesson plan for older teenagers and adults at CEF level B1 and above looks at the symbolism and meaning of flags.
Jill Hadfield

This lesson is topical for November as New Zealand is holding a referendum on choosing a new design for its flag. Students will discuss symbolism and meaning of flags, choose the design they like best and give reasons and design a new flag for their country. In part 2 they will consider issues around the referendum – is it democratic and why does New Zealand need a new flag? Is the expense justified?


  • Students develop speaking fluency around the topic of flags

Age group:

Secondary and adults


CEF level B1+


50-60 minutes


Student worksheets (download these below)



Hi Sabrina
The link to the lesson plan is working fine here - could you try again? We have been having some technical issues with the site, which our team is working on. One solution might be to delete the cache files on your computer and then try clicking the link again. Let us know if you still have problems.


Thanks so much for this. I thought it might be a bit out of date but I've been using it with my university groups and it's been working really well.

Thanks for your comment - you can download the lesson plan and student worksheet by clicking on the links above - they are PDF documents that you can print or save to your computer.

Let me know if you have problems accessing these.


TE Team


An excellent lesson plan for adult learners!

Thank you very much!

Did you not check the content of the video in the lesson plan? The description of the Union Jack flag is WRONG! There is no welsh patron saint's flag in the union jack! It's made up of the crosses of St Andrew (Scotland) , St George (England) and St Patrick (Ireland). I'm really surprised no one spotted this BIG mistake !

Hello ButcherB

You are absolutely right that the description of the Union Jack flag given in the video does have a mistake, as Wales is not represented in the flag - thanks very much for pointing out that error! The lesson plan has been updated now with an alternative link for this optional part of the plan.

Thanks for letting us know,

TE Team

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