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A generation of couch potatoes

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Theme: Health, fitness, lifestyles 
Lexical area: Sports, recreational activities, frequency adverbs
Cross curricular links: Personal and social education

This lesson is about health and fitness and young people’s lifestyles. In it, students will reflect on their own lifestyles, read a text about UK teenagers, do a fitness survey to compare levels of activity with their classmates, and design a fitness campaign to encourage young people to be more active.


  • To practise speaking skills
  • To review vocabulary of fitness
  • To practise reading skills
  • To practise question formation
  • To discuss and agree on ideas for a fitness campaign

Age group: 11 - adult

Level: B1 / B2

Time: 60 – 90 minutes

Materials: A generation of couch potatoes student worksheet

Language level
Language Level: 
Intermediate: B1