A Christmas Lesson

This lesson uses the theme of Christmas to develop learners’ vocabulary and speaking skills. 


This lesson uses the theme of Christmas to develop learners’ vocabulary. It includes an introductory song, a focus on clothes words, a review of question and short answer forms using ‘has got’, and a labelling and colouring activity. There are suggestions for some other follow up Christmas activities.


• To teach or review ‘has got’ in the question and short answer form
• To review vocabulary for colours, clothes and describing faces
• To practise speaking skills and write a short sentence

Age group: Primary

Level: A1 / A2

Time: 60 minutes


1. A large picture of Santa Claus – You can find one at www.abcteach.com or www.activity village.co.uk. The picture should be in colour
2. A small outline photocopy of Santa for each student, with lines in appropriate places so that students can label his clothes
3. Flashcards and word cards for vocabulary trousers, jacket, hat, gloves, boots, mittens, belt.The flashcards should be outline drawings with no colour.
4. Blutak or magnets

By: Angela Ferarre


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