This lesson uses the theme of Christmas to develop learners’ vocabulary and speaking skills. 

It includes an introductory song, a focus on clothes words, a review of question and short answer forms using ‘has got’, and a labelling and colouring activity. There are suggestions for some other follow up Christmas activities. 


  • To teach or review ‘has got’ in the question and short answer form
  • To review vocabulary for colours, clothes and describing faces
  • To practise speaking skills and write a short sentence

Age group

CEFR level A1 / A2

60 minutes

The lesson plan can be downloaded in PDF format below. In addition, you will need:

  • A large colour picture of Santa Claus
  • A small outline photocopy of Santa for each student, with lines in appropriate places so that students can label his clothes
  • Flashcards (black and white outline drawings) and word cards for clothes vocabulary (trousers, jacket, hat, gloves, boots, mittens, belt)
  • Blutak or magnets
Angela Ferarre