Teaching activities to try out in the classroom. For each one you will find a simple guide for preparation and procedure, and sometimes printable worksheets too.

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      I couldn't believe my eyes

      In this activity the teacher creates situations for the students to get plenty of practice with the form and meaning of the past perfect.


      Getting the whole class talking

      The following activities are designed to get everyone talking. They can be used with all levels because the language required to communicate is determined by the students.


      Romeo and Juliet - a class play

      This simple activity gives higher-level students the chance to write and act in their own version of Romeo and Juliet.



      This activity provides students with upper intermediate vocabulary for parts of the body such as blood, liver, lungs etc. and provides opportunity for debate on an interesting subject that is frequently in the news, as well as giving students the opportunity to express their views on a little-known experiment that took place 40 years ago.


      Storytelling response tasks

      Response tasks are designed to give students the chance to express themselves creatively and openly, not for comprehension checking.


      Teaching students the shortest tale

      This is one of the quickest ways I know of teaching a tale and boosting students’ confidence in themselves as storytellers.


      Vision off – YouTube technique

      This YouTube activity really gets your students thinking creatively. A short film is played for the students, but they can’t see the scene, they can only hear it. Students guess what happens in the scene before they get to view it to check their deductions.


      The Turing Test

      Alan Turing proposed a test inspired by a party game known as the 'Imitation Game', in which a man and a woman go into separate rooms, and guests try to tell them apart by writing a series of questions and reading the typewritten answers the man and the woman send back.

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      Talking about the past

      This speaking activity is for a 1-1 class with a learner at an intermediate level and who works, as many of the questions ask for reflection about working life.


      Good manners

      This activity is all about manners and etiquette. This can be an interesting topic to discuss with your students, especially if there are cultural differences regarding norms of behaviour between the country you're working in and the UK.


      Jigsaw Reading

      This is a reading and speaking activity that provides practice in giving clear instructions and explaining the rules of a game. As an extension activity students can play the games.


      Understanding dialogues

      These are two simple listening activities which test students' understanding of two dialogues.


      Where were you...?

      This a controlled writing activity which focuses on using the past continuous verb form to talk about events in the past. Learners write about what they were doing when they heard about an important event, either personal or public.

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      Action Research - Stop, Start, Continue

      This is an idea I got from a workshop that I went to many years ago. I have used it many times since and found it to be a really useful way of getting feedback from my students on my lessons and my teaching.


      Active listening activities

      Students are often asked to listen to tapes or to their teacher talking, but it can be just as useful to encourage them to listen to each other in a more active way.


      Activities for using comic strips

      Comic strips can be used from beginner level to advanced level for a variety of language and discussion activities.


      Adopt a word

      At the start of the school year I ask my students to 'Adopt a word' and share it with the class.



      This is a whole-class speaking activity, needing no preparation, that gets the students practising question forms in a way that is useful practice as well as fun.

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      A nice brainstroming activity before start the whilst activity in classroom, nice share

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