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All teaching materials on the site are free to access. They are designed for native and non-native speaker teachers of English working in primary, secondary and adult teaching in state schools and ELT around the world. 

Our purpose
We have designed this site to act in four ways:

  1. as a theoretical and historical archive: where you can read about teaching methodology, current practice and issues in ELT.
  2. as a practical resource: for teaching materials, activities and ideas.
  3. as a developmental resource: to help teachers of English with professional development and to provide access to further training through courses, conferences, seminars and webinars.
  4. as an information source: to be a point of reference with publications and research in the field of ELT, as well as an access point for consultancy services to implement educational policy reform.

Our content
The site is divided into five main sections based on the purposes described above:

  1. Teaching resources: where you can find practical lesson plans, activities and tips for all age groups, as well as tools for teachers and materials for specialist areas.
  2. Teacher development: where teachers can find help and guidance on professional development and policy makers can find resources to help guide educational policy reform.
  3. Teacher training: where you can find out about our teacher training courses online or at our offices around the world.
  4. Articles: where you can find articles for teachers on different aspects of teaching, from classroom practice to learning theory.
  5. Community: where you can watch discussions with teachers from around the world and add your voice, sign up for our global newsletter as well as our regional contacts scheme, and reflect with our featured blogs and bloggers. 

TeachingEnglish also allows users to comment on selected content across the site. Views expressed by our users are theirs and do not necessarily reflect the views of the British Council or the BBC.

The TeachingEnglish team
Meet us on the TeachingEnglish team page and find out more about our writers. Learn more about the British Council's online resources for teachers and learners of English.


I'm a senior English teacher in a basic school in Oman. I'm facing difficulty with my job. i've joind this website with hope to get help.

Thank you for this website because it helps us discuss for different points that needs to be perfect teachers. 

To day I read a letter in The New Indian Express tittled English blues. It was impressed me to learn more thru this site.

A valuable website for teachers!!.. I think this will help me a lot. thanks for all.

Joining TE is a good choice for everyone wanna improve their English, especially TE quality on one'class.

Thanks God. I"ve found what I've been searching for the last so many months. I am not a qualified teacher. But I have been asked by the principal of a Central College in a rural village in the remote district of Moneragala(Sri Lanka) to conduct English Classes for his students (and his teachers as well) at least once a week. It is a fact that some english teachers recruited recently by the Govt. cannot write five sentences about themselves properly. I thank British Council on behalf of the children of the above village.

Thank you for the various opportunities we can get on this web!