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Hi miho,i am Anita. i am a graduate student myself, researching group discussion skills in ESL classrooms in Malaysia. my major is second language acquisition, and i am looking at group interaction using Exploratory Talk. maybe we can share resources. what area are you researching?

Thank you for this wonderful idea! We had a  seminar and I am a teacher of English language. I found it very helpful and interesting,too. Hope that many teachers would find it helpful

I found this site from my friend but it's the most important chance to me. Because I can use a site to develop my ways in English teaching and to meet others and to share them everything about English. Moreover, I can consult the officers from this site by sending E-mail to them directly.  Miss. Sunantisa Angchotiphan

I like this site because it is very easy and helpful for all ages people.

i am very exciting, finally i found youa site that can help mei am a new teacher and looking for helps to improve my teaching and learningthank you BBC  

can someone be kind enough to let me know the email id of micheal swan the writer .

Dear anita im teaching o levels .
I would be more than grateful if you could help me with your esl tips and some of the experiences from real life. Also if you could share teaching material and tell me whats your take on and your experience so far in the capacity of esl teacher and language acquisition.
we may have nice chat on that, m sure :)