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We have designed this site to act in four ways:

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Do you offer any certification recognized by the Colombian Government so we can teach English in any place?

I've been into English for a few years now but I am not yet a teacher. I'm hoping to be one in the very near future. I'm taking my Master's Degree in English and also having my Public Speaking course at the same time. I think I already got what it takes but I don't want to stop learning, English is addictive, interesting, and fun to learn!

Thank you ... The BBC verry important for me..
because BBC expand my knowledge of English language education...

Dear staff of TeachingEnglish,Just to thank all of you for this so interesting site of yours..., of ours, if you let me say so. I'm a user of this web-site. I thank you for the publishing my comments to different topics. Also I learn from our colleagues' comments, and from you too, obviously. You have my back-up for your endeavour. You are helping make the great labour of teaching English better and with more resources.Yours Fernando M Díez Teacher of English. Teacher-trainer. Granada (SE Spain)

Dear sirs,I think The teaching english website of British Council is the best online english journal in the world. It provides plenty of opportunities for teachers of english of all kinds across the globe. I like its versatality, democratic spirit and innovativeness. The English teaching team of BC is very cooperative and highly resourceful. The present blog is very informative. I have learnt a lot and improved myself blogging on this wonderful site. I think every English teacher in the world should be a member of our team. I am really proud of being a member of this highly educative site. yours sincerely, JVL Narasimha Rao Andrha PradeshIndia

Dear sirs,
I am still not very clear about the voting system. on Sunday the voting system was transparant but today it is not appearing. I have certain doubts. Can all bloggers on the site vote and give ratings? Why some ratings are coloured while others are blank? I hope the site administrators like Fernando Or Rob Lewis clarify my doubts.
yours sincerely,
JVL Narasimha Rao

Hi, my name is Lisa and I'm very glad that came across your site and have an opportunity to take part in this conversation. This site is designed in the right way and I consider it to be very useful and helpful espacially for professional and creative people. I hope that your advice and ability to report necessary info will help to learn English more. As for me, I usually find a lot of English books, articles, essay at With the help of reading a plenty of literature in original  you also practise your English and begin to think in required manner.

I am very keen to be part of as many discussion groups involved in teaching EFL and ESL.  In addition, I would like to attend international conferences/symposiums where I can network with other ELTs.  Is there a calendar of EFL/ELT conferences for 2011?

Hi MelvinWatch out for blogs for discussion starting here on TeachingEnglish during the next couple of months. Follow the grey buttons on the right side of the page ('Primary', 'Literature' etc) to the area that interests you.Although it's not got a huge number of them, we do have a section where we promote certain conferences on the site: