About the TeachingEnglish blog award

The TeachingEnglish featured blog of the month award recognises the contribution that English language teachers who are bloggers make to the international teaching community with their innovative ideas for class activities and lesson plans, plus the tips and suggestions they make to help us become better teachers.

At the end of each month (except December, July and August) we create a shortlist from the blog posts that have been made on our TeachingEnglish Facebook page during that month, feature them on the page and invite our users’ response to them. The winning post is the one that gets the highest level of engagement on the page – according to Facebook’s Insight figures which measure the reactions, comments and shares the post receives.

The selection criteria we use for sharing and shortlisting blog posts are:

  • that the material is free and freely available
  • that it is not promotion for a paid product
  • that the ideas it contains are original
  • that it is educationally sound and of a good standard
  • that it is written in good English