We have two new lesson plans this month for primary and secondary pupils. Each lesson provides a series of fun and engaging challenges designed to help students become more autonomous and develop their dictionary skills.

Innovations in the continuing professional development of English language teachers is a collection of thirteen stimulating papers covering a wide range of geographical areas and educational contexts. This publication will interest anyone involved in the continuing professional development of English language teachers wishing to reflect on and refresh their practice.

If you want an introduction to teaching English to young learners aged 7 to 11, then this course is for you. Using video, audio and community elements, you will learn the essentials to help you succeed in your teaching.

We are now accepting applications for the 2015 ELTons. These British Council Innovation Awards are offered to outstanding new language learning products and services, and aspiring ELT authors, that use innovative ideas to help learners achieve their goals. Any ELT professional can apply for consideration for one of the categories including authors, teachers, trainers and publishers.

Back to front - Image courtesy of ELTPics

Download five new lesson plans from our Using images teaching resources for low-level and high-level students. Each plan combines photos from ELTPics with audio and teacher's notes to help get your students activating their higher level thinking skills.

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