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In this lesson, children learn about the United Nation’s Mother Earth Day, celebrated on 22 April each year.
11 April, 2019 0
This lesson plan for teachers of teenage students at level B1/ B2 raises awareness of Safer Internet Day. Students will produce a ‘top tips...
7 February, 2016 11
This lesson was devised to mark International Stammering/Stuttering Awareness Day on 22 October 2018. However, as this is not specifically...
17 October, 2018 0
Remote Teaching is a collection of articles, research papers and case studies that offer practitioners and policymakers insight into live...
30 March, 2019 0
Can we say that our school systems are inclusive and we practise what we preach? Phil Dexter, Maria Jose Galleno, and Suzanne Mordue...
13 March, 2019 0
Discover the latest blog topics for March and April 2019.
30 April, 2019 0

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20 April, 2019 - 02:04
I totally agree with Mr. Hussain. But maybe a text transcription could give a hand to the class. They loved it!
20 April, 2019 - 02:04
Amazing topic! It helps me improve my skills on pronounciation. Thanks to British Council for that.
Jason M. C. Han's picture
18 April, 2019 - 13:04
In my minds, crossing the subjects and bringing similar descriptions into comparisons and contracts are truly the creativity and innovation. We need to cultivate this habit of students, not only in...


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