Our great new monthly lesson plan for October looks at the topic of eating snacks and is designed to help teenage and adult students develop their ability to record and retain vocabulary.

Back to front - Image courtesy of ELTPics

Download and use the lesson plans from our Using images teaching resources for low-level and high-level students. Each plan combines photos from ELTPics with audio and teacher's notes to help get your students activating their higher level thinking skills.

Watch a live webcast with Hannah Ellis, granddaughter of Dylan Thomas, and Guy Masterson, Olivier award winner, as they provide a guide to the work of Dylan Thomas. The event is live tonight, Thursday 23 October at 18.00 UK time.

Watch a recording of our October webinar with Gail Ellis talking about using children's literature to teach English

We are now accepting applications for the 2015 ELTons. These British Council Innovation Awards are offered to outstanding new language learning products and services, and aspiring ELT authors, that use innovative ideas to help learners achieve their goals. Any ELT professional can apply for consideration for one of the categories including authors, teachers, trainers and publishers.

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