The Commonwealth Games are currently taking place in Glasgow and we have several lesson plans for teenagers and kids looking at several of the events taking place.

The Storytelling Handbook for Primary English Language Teachers.
This new revised edition of 'Tell it Again!' by Gail Ellis and Jean Brewster shows how a story-based methodology brings together the best of primary English language teaching and the rich and motivating resource of children’s literature.

Learning Technologies for the Classroom

This course introduces teachers of English to key aspects of using new technologies in the language classroom and covers a range of web technologies, including using the internet, cyber well-being for learners, using Office applications, using online video and audio and using social networking and other web technologies for educational purposes.

We have over 15 fantastic new lesson plans for teachers of young learners aged 5-11. Each plan uses engaging and fun material from our LearnEnglish Kids website.

Back to front - Image courtesy of ELTPics

Download five new lesson plans from our Using images teaching resources for low-level and high-level students. Each plan combines photos from ELTPics with audio and teacher's notes to help get your students activating their higher level thinking skills.

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