Our great new monthly lesson plan for December looks back at some of the key events in 2014. Students form teams to complete a quiz and then create their own.

Watch a recording of Graham Stanley's recent webinar where he talked about how the British Council Uruguay are developing a unique approach to teaching English to state school primary children through video-conferencing.

During November 2014, TeachingEnglish and EnglishAgenda focused on CPD to celebrate the launch of our latest publication 'Innovations in the continuing professional development of English language teachers'. There were a number of blog posts, webinars, podcasts and a live event.


Read the latest blog posts by our TeachingEnglish associates. Each post deals with different aspects of professional development. Why not comment and share your ideas?

Download our series of six classroom posters for Young Learners together with teacher notes - great for last minute ideas in lots of different areas!

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Hi Heath, How does one apply to be a CELTA tutor? Which institution did you train with? Regards,... read comment
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Hi Rick Thanks for your comment - the link has been fixed now and takes you to the food poster.... read comment
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With the arrival of the Communicative Approach in the 1980s and 90s, the concept of “Active Viewing... read comment
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Paul Braddock
December 2014
Hi everyoneThank you for all the fantastic posts in November for CPD month. You can read all of...
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The Twelve Memes of Christmas : a seasonal homework challenge
To keep your students busy over the holidays (if you have holidays in your teaching context, and if...
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FESTIVALS! Nina MK, Ph.D. In my country, the New Year is traditionally considered the main holiday...
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